What if Sarah Harvey is A

Okay you know how Cece and Ali basically acted like the same person. Well what if Cece is the one who taught Ali how to be Queen bitch and Ali passed on that knowledge to Sarah Harvey. This would explain why someone would exist so close to them that looked and acted so much like Ali. And anyone who out with Ali long enough is going to have a vendetta against her so that’s her motive. Plus she goes missing the same day as Ali maybe so she could track Ali down without having to deal with the outside world. So her missing at the same as Ali counts as opportunity and maybe means

First the fireflies now Mona’s dead pll just did a complete 180 in versions of being terrible


You know what this is really fucking great show, it gets frustrating but the writers, producers and actors are really fucking great at this

pll fans before an episode: *prayer circle*

pll fans after the episode: *support group*

Mini rant


The only thing that gets me mad about Emily is right when Paige tries to move on from her, see someone else and get on with her life, Emily goes right back to her. I don’t mind Paily, in fact I ship them (just not as much as Emison) but if Paige is just going to be Emily’s rebound from Alison, I…